You have questions?  We have answers!  Below you will find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions to both Boutique Parties® and our Boutique Parties® Ambassador Membership opportunity.  If there is something not listed here, please reach out to us on our Contact Us (link to contact us page) here.  A team member will reach back out to you as soon as possible to follow up with any questions you may have.

How do I set up a Boutique Parties® premier?
Pick the type of premier you would like to be involved with and submit your information on the Get Started page (link to Get Started page).  You can review the two different party options on our Home page (link to home page).

How many guests are required to have a premier?
There is no guest number requirement for attendance or product orders with your Boutique Parties® premier.  We encourage our members to invite as many guests as possible.   More potential customers increases the likelihood of a wonderful premier and encourages product sales which only enhances the premier host benefits.  The more guests you have ordering the better your rewards!

Are the premier’s only done online?
Currently, all of our Boutique Parties® premiers are done online.  The online format simplifies the guests' experience to our products virtually from the comfort of their home or during travel. The premiers are usually 30 minutes in duration which accommodates today’s busy schedules.  We value our guests time during the evenings or lunch hours.  

What does a host receive for doing a Boutique Parties® premier?
Our Boutique Parties® hosts enjoy great rewards that can be used for free and discounted products. Once you are a member you have the opportunity to host unlimited Boutique Parties® premiers.  We are unique in that we have no startup or kit purchase in order to be a member, we only have an annual fee that offsets these usual commitments in direct selling companies.  A host will have access to their new membership and enjoy member-only discounts on all of our product lines and receive reward points that can be used for more free products in all our lines.   We want our members to have deeper product discounts which provides a fabulous reason to host a Boutique Parties® premier!

How often are new product lines and products introduced?
We are always working to commercialize new brands, innovative product lines and new product forms in each business.  We also have many other new brands that will come into our product portfolio for a limited time for hosts and members to enjoy.  You never know when these will be appearing and for how long.  Another reason for hosting and taking advantage of the membership opportunity with so that you never miss out on those fun and exciting announcements!

Is there a Boutique Parties® premier show minimum to count as a premier?
Yes, we have $100 product sales minimum per Boutique Parties® premier, including all types of premiers.  This low minimum allows each host to achieve reward points that can be used to grow their personal products line or help build their new retail business. 

Can I do a fundraiser with your product lines?
Yes!  We love giving back and offer our fundraising premier that allows an organization (501c3) to earn those much needed funds they need to continue to operate or raise the funds needed to reach a goal.  When ready, submit your details in the Get Started page (link to Get Started page here) and we will reach out to you to schedule your fundraising premier.  We are excited to help you, help others!


Ambassador Membership FAQ’s

How long does my membership last?
Your Ambassador membership will expire when you cancel your account. As long as your annual fee of $69.99 is paid, your account will remain active.

Is there a yearly renewal fee?
Yes, we have an annual $69.99 fee for access to our membership with member-only discounted pricing.  This fee offsets any start-up kit cost and monthly minimum order that needs to be placed with any of our product lines.

Are minimum orders required for my membership to stay active?
No, we do not have minimum order requirements for your membership to remain active. Our low annual membership fee of $69.99 removes this requirement.

Does my membership give me access to all the product lines?
Your membership provides access to all of our product lines. 

What is the fee for on the membership lines?
Our annual $69.99 fee allows members access to every product line.  This fee allows members to have member-only discounted opportunities with all the brands under Boutique Parties®.  The annual fee removes any monthly minimum order requirement and no start up kit costs.

What discounts do I get with my membership?
Your membership allows you to purchase our products at membership discounts. This cost is tiered in the discount amount based on how much product you are purchasing.  

Are there meetings/conferences that are required?
Meetings or conferences are not required. We hope that you are interested in meetings, conferences, and training seminars as they will help support your business understanding and sales growth.

Is there product/sales training?
Yes, we provide training on all product lines and the opportunity to go further with premier training. We have sales and business development training that we offer throughout the year. We also will continue to provide online reference tools to support your understanding of the sales business model and product portfolio.

Do I have to purchase a kit to start my membership?
No, kits are not a requirement to open your membership account. Our membership does require each new member to sign up and we strongly encourage members to host a Boutique Parties® premier event. This premier is a deeper dive into our product lines and gives you the opportunity to gain more reward points for more free products in all our brands! 

How old do I have to be to have a membership?
All membership accounts have an 18 years of age requirement.