Gaballi™ Micro Greens are God’s Greens™.  They are vitamin-packed vegetables harvested while they are still young seedlings. These tiny plants and herbs contain more vital nutrients and delectable flavor than their full-grown versions.  If health benefits are not enough, God’s Greens™ is a delicious treat. 

We understand how expensive eating healthy can be, but we want to change that. Our goal is to produce the highest quality Micro Greens on the market today and sell them directly to you.

These natural food sources are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that scientists have found can help with chronic conditions. God’s Greens™ contains high levels of disease-fighting nutrients and one small serving is all you need to kick start your health. 

Get ready to plant your own microgreens!  It takes about 5 minutes to assemble and plant.  Within 7-12 days, you can start your healthy snacking.   Cut the microgreens and use them as needed within 7 days of true leaf.  They are living plants that are highly nutrient and available fresh to order! 

Microgreen Kit Attributes:

  • Non-GMO Microgreens
  • EASY ASSEMBLY- The perfect starter kit for growing microgreens. Everything you need to grow delicious microgreens indoors on your kitchen countertop in 7 to 12 days.
  • MINIMAL MESS- Because this kit is self-watering, you can grow microgreens without soil, using our patented medium with minimal risk of under or overwatering.
  • FOOD SAFE- The self-watering trays are BPA-free and food safe. 

Microgreen Kit Contents

  • Clear Grow Tray
  • 1 Teaspoon of Gaballi Heirloom Seeds
  • 1 1⁄2 Cup Organic Grow Medium
  • 1 Cup of Distilled Water
  • Spray Bottle 

Microgreen Grow Instructions:

  • Gather kit contents.
  • Take your 1-1⁄2 cups of Gaballi Organic Grow Medium and mix it with 1-cup of distilled water.
  • Mix well until all water is absorbed into the growing medium.
  • Take moist grow medium and place in clamshell. Pat evenly into clamshell, creating an even surface about 1 inch high.
  • Once complete, sprinkle the entire package (1 teaspoon) of Gaballi Heirloom Seeds onto the at grow medium surface, spreading evenly throughout.
  • Be sure to keep clamshell upright to avoid seeds shifting or moving.
  • Place in a windowsill. Spray the top of seeds with water until moist.  Leave it peacefully on the windowsill to germinate. Too much movement will add stress to your microgreens.
  • You will see little seedling popping up within 3-5 days. Keep Gaballi Organic Grow Medium moist by watering microgreens very gently on all 4 corners of the clamshell every few days. This will keep the grow medium slightly wet throughout without directly pouring any water on the seeds as this may cause the seeds to move and shift.
  • Your microgreens will flourish within 7-12 days! Cut and enjoy them as needed by snipping their stems 1⁄4 inch above the growing medium. There is no need to harvest all of them at once. Cut as needed and eat them raw or garnish them on some delicious meals!
  • Once you have cut and consumed all the living microgreens, discard the used grow medium with plant roots and recycle your clamshell. You can clean it thoroughly to use it again or place it in a recycle bin!
This Micro Green is a luscious green unlike the creamy white color of full-grown cauliflower. This is another popular cruciferous vegetable packed with beneficial phytonutrients. The main compound is sulforaphane. It has been found to help maintain normal blood pressure within normal ranges and help kidney function. Other fantastic phytonutrients are indole-3-carbinol and DIM. These two compounds can help reduce inflammation and contribute to a better hormonal balance. Micro Cauliflower is jam-packed with an impressive variety of nutrients and antioxidants that help support the liver with its detoxification process.